How to Use and Care For Your Hobbycor Manual Airbrush

The Hobbycor manual airbrush can be used to quickly and easily decorate cakes. Let’s see what comes in the package. First, we have the airbrush or pump and four reservoirs. One reservoir comes attached to the airbrush and three more are spares. You will find it like this in ViaCheff’s store. When you remove the reservoir, it has a small intake tube inside. The airbrush comes with a lock system that secures the reservoir so that it doesn’t fall off.

Prepare the Airbrush to Apply Paint

In order to decorate the cake, we will use Pearl Dust, which is an edible coloring powder. Here I have the powder, the gold pearl dust. It’s rather fine and somewhat shiney. To use the coloring powder, I mix it with grain alcohol. I’m going to show you how you should do this.

I don’t use an exact measurement. I recommend you use a small amount of powder and about twice the amount of grain alcohol. If you prefer, you can use a liquor or extract. Want to use vodka or rum? Go ahead. The alcohol will evaporate and the color will remain.

Mix it well. Always test on something other than the cake. Why? It may not be at the right concentration. And how will you know that? By testing it.

We can see here that the color is pretty strong, right? If you spray and see that it starts running, it’s because it’s too thin and needs more powder.

Look at the effect it can have on your cake. There are several colors available in ViaCheff’s store: gold, silver, blue, pink, apricot and others. You can experiment with the colors depending on how you want to decorate your cake.

How to Apply Paint Uniformily

Did you notice that I keep the airbrush moving? The airbrush, in this case, doesn’t remain still because I want to paint the cake more uniformly. If I spray with the airbrush completely stationary, the paint concentrates in one place and I don’t want that.

I want to make the most of the paint I have. By moving the airbrush continuously, the paint covers a larger area. Look at the beautiful, even effect you can get.

How to Apply Glitter

I’m going to use the Hologram Gold glitter. Here is another big difference between applying coloring powder and glitter. The powder must be mixed with a liquid but the glitter doesn’t. Pour the glitter into the reservoir. Then lock it in place. Note, the reservoir must be turned upside down. Now, spray away and add shine to your cake.

The process to apply the glitter is a little different from the one used to apply the coloring powder. Glitter is thicker so I need to detach the reservoir and remove the small tube. If I don’t remove the intake tube, there is a good chance that it’s going to clog. So, I remove the tube.

The glitter I used is non-toxic but it is for decorative purposes only. It is like lipstick which is not made for consumption but is not harmful if consumed. You can either use this glitter for cakes and other sweets that you make just for presentation or remove the glitter before serving.

How to Clean and Care for the Hobbycor Airbrush

Let’s see how to clean and care for your Hobbycor. Ideally, you should have one airbrush for each type of decorating ingredient. What do I mean? Here I have glitter and here I have the pearl dust that I mix with grain alcohol. If you use only one airbrush for both, you run the risk of having it clog.

Personally, I like to have an airbrush for each of the colors I use most often. For example, gold and silver are colors that I use a lot. So, I have one airbrush to use with gold paint and another for silver paint.

Every time you finish, you’re going to disassemble the airbrush to clean it. Here you clean with water. Don’t throw away any leftover paint. You can put it in a small container because the alcohol will evaporate leaving the powder that you can reuse.

You’re going to mainly clean the intake tube so it doesn’t clog. Also, you will clean the exterior but don’t let water get in this small hole or you’ll end up ruining your airbrush.

This hole here has a very specific purpose. This is where you add oil. Inside the airbrush is a small rubber ring. If you disassemble the airbrush, you will see that it has this small rubber ring that must be lubricated in order for the airbrush to work properly.

Regular maintenance will increase your airbrush’s longevity. Just pour four to five drops of vegetable oil into the hole after every use. Then, pump the airbrush a few times to make sure the oil covers the rubber ring. Do this and you will keep your Hobbycor working well for a long time.

Now you know how easy it is to use and care for the Hobbycor manual airbrush. Join thousands of cake decorators and dessert enthusiasts who have purchased this decorating tool and love it.

Como Usar e Cuidar do seu Hobbycor Manual Airbrush
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