How to paint a cake gold

Maria Mora

Want to learn how to paint a cake gold? In the video, Brazilian chef Marcela Soares explains how to use the popular manual airbrush by Hobbycor to paint and add glitter to a cake. You’re going to see how you can quickly and easily decorate your cake using this popular cake decorating tool.

Here I have a cake that’s already assembled which I’ll cover with icing. I’m going to apply the texture spatula and then start painting and decorating. I’ll show you step by step. Let’s go?

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1. Crumb Coat the Cake

First, we’re going to cover our cake. We’ll crumb coat the cake to prevent air from entering or crumbs from falling off.

2. Cover with Icing

After I finish the crumb coat, I’m going to use piping tip 2A. I put my icing in the pastry bag and I cover the entire cake until it is really uniform.

3. Smooth Icing with Spatula

Once that’s done, I use a long, straight spatula to smooth the cake top, pressing down lightly. With the same spatula, I smooth the side by holding it vertically.

4. Smooth Icing with Smoothing Tool

Next, I use a straight smoothing tool. Don’t hold it at a 90o angle but keep it at about 45o-60o. I lightly touch the cake. Note, I don’t move the smoothing tool but rotate the decorating turntable. I do this until the icing is all smooth.

5. Work Edges with Spatula

After the icing is completely smooth, I’ll work on the cake edges. I’m going to move an angled spatula from the outside in.

6. Create Texture with Cake Decorating Comb

Next, I’m going to use this texture comb from ViaCheff to create a special effect on the icing. Each comb has two designs. Again, you just rotate the decorating turntable.

7. Rework Edges with Spatula

After you do this, you will rework the edge until the icing is quite perfect.

8. Paint Cake Gold with Pearl Dust

Have fun decorating your cake. For this cake, I will decorate it with Gold Pearl Dust that I apply with the Hobbycor manual airbrush.

You mix the Pearl Dust with cereal alcohol. It should be very concentrated. Then, you spray the entire cake.

9. Spray on Gold Glitter

After you paint the cake, you will add sparkle to it by applying the Gold Glitter.

It’s time for the glitter, right? We will also use the airbrush for this. Once done, you will have a cake that is very bright and glamorous.

10. Add a Cake Topper

Violá. The cake is ready. I’m just going to add a small but important detail to finish it. What is it? A Santa topper.

Okay, that’s it. I hope you liked it. Use and abuse the Hobbycor manual airbrush to apply color and glitter. It will really transform your cakes.

Bye bye. Happy decorating!

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